Big and bushy eyebrows have been trendy lately, and we can see why. I’m obsessed! Thick eyebrows can completely transform your face in the best way.

If you’re not naturally blessed with bushy brows, don’t stress. With the right makeup tools and techniques, you will be looking like Cara Delevingne in no time!


When it comes to your brows, a little definition can go a long way.

Define the bottom inner corner of the eyebrow by filling it in with a brow pencil. Next, move to the top of the brow and begin filling in the arch area to create a lift. 

Are you worried about finding a brow pencil that matches your hair color? My gluten-free brow pencils will match any shade perfectly – from blonde to dark brown! The medium-brown shade is great for both brown and sexy silver hair.


Once the penciling is complete, it’s time to grab a brow brush and apply brow powder over your masterpiece.

Each of my brow powders have dual shades, so feel free to get creative!

I suggest starting with the lighter shade, which will create a natural ombré effect. Finish it off with a darker shade.


After covering the basics, it’s time to accentuate your flawless brows!

Apply my Highlighter Stick directly under the brows and blend it with a smudge brush along the bottom of the brows. This will add a pop of definition!

If you have an unexpected blemish, this wonder stick also doubles as a concealer!


Comb your brows into your desired shape with my clear brow stay. Always remember to brush upward for the best effect.

My brow gel conditions, sets, and even tints for thicker and healthier-looking brows. 


Searching for a long-lasting solution?

Consider trying Latisse, an FDA-approved prescription treatment. This can help grow baby hairs and create a fuller look. 

Microblading is another option that can last one to three years. Just make sure to do your research to avoid any mishaps!

If you’re prone to hair loss or have naturally thin brows, consider eyebrow hair transplantation.

In this process, dense hairs are moved from the back of your head to your eyebrows. This results in fuller brows!

To learn more about eyebrow hair transplantation, check out Dr. Jason Champagne in Beverly Hills. He is a top expert in his field. I just had a consultation with him last week, and will be sure to post a blog when I move forward with the procedure!

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