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Student Testimonials


"For years I considered myself an amateur makeup artist, performing occasional weddings and making over my friends.  When I finally decided to go pro, I was fairly certain an official pro training course would be unnecessary given what I already knew...until I met Kimberley.  I took her intensive course over a 4 session span, which fit into my schedule perfectly. I was blown away by all I learned in the short time and how it literally elevated my ability from 'just that girl you know who does makeup really well' to a professional.  She also recommended products I would have never tried, as well as set me up for running my own business.  Not only did I get the results I was wanting from Kimberley's course, but just learning the airbrushing alone was worth the entire course.  It was definitely worth the investment!" -----Sara Malek, Austin, Tx

"Kimberley, thank you so much for the 4 day class. I learned a ton, loved the course and company!" -----  Jessica Dunn, Salt Lake City, Ut


"I took Kimberley Bosso's make-up class in September, 2009. This amazing course is designed for aspiring artists interested in a pro certificate and a career in makeup.  The course covered various make-up techniques in different facets of beauty makeup, airbrush, and some theory as well. I left the class feeling satisfied with what I learned. Real models were brought in, which was awesome. The make-up tips and advice Kimberley gave in class were priceless. She is a dedicated, honest and sincere artist. She makes learning fun. I was able to ask her anything and she would answer all of my questions." ------ Saira Kahn, LosAngeles, Ca

 "Kimberley Bosso's 4 day intensive course was perfect. She taught me thorough tool techniques, specific looks, and made me feel I was already a true makeup artist.  I learned step by step details to achieve flawless skin and create beautiful makeup on anyone. Kimberley is informed thoroughly about the beauty industry; she gives you tips on kit essentials and pointers to make sure you know the ropes in the pro makeup world upon leaving her course. She is not only a teacher but an inspiring mentor and true friend. Thank you for everything Kimberley!:"                                                    --- Chelsea Michelle Davis, Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca

"Kimberley has the ability to take someone who has an interest in makeup and turn them into an artist. Makeup was already my forte and I needed a class that would nurture my talent without changing my technique and that is exactly what Kim does in her 4 day makeup course. She is able to take the talent you already possess and sculpt it into the best you can possibly be. She teaches you techniques that are useful in all aspects of makeup and teaches you about different products you wouldn't know about otherwise. She teaches you how to use the products correctly, the right amounts, and everything in between. There is not one aspect of the class that she teaches that is not helpful. All of the things that I've learned from Kim, I've been able to utilize. I would not have picked a different makeup school to recieve my training."                                                                                 ------- Alex May, Pasadena, Ca

Client Testimonials

"Kimberley, we would like to thank you for making the 2nd annual On-The-Go-Beauty Event such a success! We truly appreciate you participating and helping to make this special day so great. Your makeup artistry was amazing and all the guests and celebs had such positive things to say about you and your work! We genuinely look forward to working with you again in the future."

-----Live Loyal PR & LJam PR

"Thank you Kimberley for my gorgeous makeup! I looked for you backstage but I guess you had already left. I wanted to tell you how much I loved the makeup. I didn't want to wash it off!"------- Jean Louise Kelly, actress, Yes Dear