It’s winter again. Now that you’ve kissed your summer makeup look goodbye, it’s time to deal with the cold weather and its (not so flattering) effect on your skin.

Do you want your makeup to look hot in spite of the minus temperatures outside? Follow these simple rules and your flawless look will be guaranteed!


Rule #1 Rehydrate

RehydrateThe scenario repeats each winter: with temperatures falling down and the devastating effect cold weather has on your skin, your summer glow gradually fades away, leaving your skin dull, dehydrated and it seems (almost) impossible to bring back its summer radiance…




What to do?
Win the battle with dry skin by exfoliating (at least) once a week and applying a moisturizing cream that’s suitable for the winter season. Don’t neglect cleansing as well – in the cold weather it’s recommended that you put away your gel-based cleansers and go for creamy cleansers that have a milder action instead.


Rule #2 Don’t forget the SPF factor

Don’t forget the SPF factorDo you think you can do without your sunscreen just because it’s winter? Think again! The UV rays, one of the worst enemies of healthy skin, are just (if not more) as harmful in the summer as on the shorter winter days. Let’s not forget the sun-reflecting properties of snow as well…






What to do?

Think of your SPF protection as a year-round ritual that your skin will thank you for! As a rule of thumb, do not leave the house without (at least) SPF 30 regardless of the season.


Rule #3 Put away the powder

Put away the powderJust like summer has its own makeup requirements for a flawless look, winter has its caprices as well. The number one mistake women make when putting on makeup in the winter season is reaching out for the powder more often than necessary (or advisable).






What to do?
When you want to look glamorous when it’s freezing cold outside, opt for unostentatious liquid skin products like a light foundation or even a tinted moisturizer! You can even go for a liquid blush for some easy winter chic…