Poor Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, and other celebrities that had to walk the red carpet looking like they had an addiction to something other than their craft! Their makeup artists made a major boo-boo, not understanding the use of HD translucent powder. Once the paparazzi lights flash, the light reflects where too much HD translucent powder was applied, and the result is less than pretty.  This is exactly why BOSSO Beverly Hills makeup line launched TINTED HD powders. No more embarrassments or wondering if you applied too much powder, only to find out in the tabloids the next day! With BOSSO TINTED HD powders, you will look as flawless in photos as you do in the makeup chair.
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Bosso-HDPowder-3_Fotor_Collage1 copy
Bosso HDPowder 3_Fotor_Collage