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Although I’m not in love with the city of Vienna, I did fall in love….

While in Austria, I wore Dr. Kitzinger’s skincare line, a Vienna based surgeon and specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Kitzinger has studied skin cells from burns, artificial skin cell cultivation, and the parallels of the biological process of aging, so you can trust that his products are amazing for all types of skin and delivers results.

Two of my favorite products are:

Serum and Fruits & C.

Serum is the first step. You apply this all over your face, and let it absorb for 5 minutes or so. This product helps produce collagen, meaning it plumps the skin.


The Fruits & C is your second step. Vitamin C is great for erasing pigmentation if used on a consistent basis. C also promotes and speeds up cell turn-over.


Each morning I’ve awaken to smoother and softer skin. I’ll continue to use Dr. Kitzingers products to see what other results they produce over the next month.