This morning I grabbed my favorite blueberry anti-oxidant juice and walked down to Wenceslas Square for my meeting with Erika Komarova, head of Dermacol /Filmstudio Barrandov Cosmetics, one of the biggest makeup lines in Prague. Erika introduced each product to me from this reputable 40 year old Czech line, as well as packed a bag full of products for me.  So straight away, well, after I stopped in Promod for the 3rd time this week (hey, can’t resist the fashion), I returned to my hotel to play before heading to my shoot.


Here are a few products that stand out in Dermacol/ FilmStudio Barrandov Makeup Line ………………..

Lip Up is a sweet lip plumper from the FilmStudio Barrandov Prague Line. It has tiny crystals inside that feel like it exfoliates your lips when rubbing them together, but remaining smooth and glossy at the same time.  While smelling like watermelon, I did see some plumping action going on.

lip up-1

A very smart product called  AcneCover is a matte foundation containing tea-tree oil, which is a natural antiseptic from Australia for those of you unfamiliar with this essential oil. Tea tree kills bacteria, is great for problematic skin and dries blemishes out quick.  So, you’re getting a two in one deal.. natural coverage while it’s drying out the yuckies. I’ve never seen a foundation containing tea trea before, so I loved this discovery for my younger blemish prone clients.


satin base







Satin Make-Up Base is a silicone gel primer, and oooooh … I love this product. It smells good, really does feel like satin gliding across your skin, and is comparable to my favorite primer out there, Makeup Forever’s All Mat.  Silicone is a filler, so it not only helps give makeup staying power, but it plumps up fine lines, fills in pores, and helps makeup apply smoother.





But what Dermacol/FilmStudio Barrandov is best known for is their Make-Up Cover. If you’ve used Dermablend before, than you have an idea of the consistency of this product. It’s VERY thick and all you need is a small dot/dollop (depending on size of tattoo, discoloration, blemish) but it’s a phenomenal cover for anything on the skin you’d like to conceal. It won’t move under water and won’t sweat off.


makeup cover

Ciao Babies!