I spent my last few days soaking in the healing waters of Szechenyi Furdo. Budapest is a place that has more thermal baths than any other city in the world. These warm soothing  spring waters come from deep in the ground, and contain healing properties (minerals) such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, and copper that you can soak in for hours at a time.

healing waters

For centuries, Hungarians have soaked in these waters several times a week not only to relax, but for its anti-aging and health benefits, and to achieve a youthful glow from the rich content of minerals that plumps the skin.

The longest I hung around Szechenyi Furdo was 6 hours, taking breaks in between dips getting massage, and visiting the indoor baths. By the time I left, I kid you not, I swear that my nails grew since I arrived, and that my little cut on my heel seemed to seal and vanish. Crazy but so true.  The best part was my skin looked and felt amazing. It had a radiant glow to it that was different than a “steam room” kind of glow.  My skin and hair were super soft like I’ve never felt before.  The effects lasted for days. The thermal baths were just one more reason for me to love Budapest… one of the most extraordinary cities I’ve ever visited.




Omorovicza is a Hungarian skin care line that contains minerals that are harvested and bio-fermented from these famous thermal baths of Budapest and compounded for optimal absorption in the skin.

During my stay, I met up with Orsa at the Omorovicza Spa on Adrassy Utca, and she told me the history and development of this amazing line, and the benefits of using Omorovicza products. I was offered a facial and was given products to try.

I love the fact that these products are all natural, free of parabens (cancer causing), petrochemicals, silicones, synthetic colors, and fragrances.

I’ve been using them for only 3 days, so I will report back with my thoughts. In the meantime, you can try it for yourself. Omorovicza is available at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills and select Neiman’s across the country.