Thursday, 01 April 2010 00:00


The girls from Q were such a pleasure to work with. All smiles and simply gorgeous! Not to mention the fabulous LA photographer Toky that was long overdue working together finally.

Makeup used on the shoot varied widely from HD Makeup Forever Liquid Foundation for the most natural finish to the skin, and MAC coquette eyeshadow powder touched lightly to sparse areas on the brows.

Eyeshadows stayed in the zone of neutral’s like MACS Wedge and Orb eyeshadows with a soft chocolate brown pencil smudged out lining the eyes.

Cheeks ranged from Kevin Aucoin’s powder blush in Natura to Inglot’s pink #37 blush.

Lips ranged from Inglot creamy glosses in beige and nude, to Benefit’s Benetint  lip stain.

Powder was used very sparingly in the t-zone. I’m not a big fan of using powder since it takes away the luminosity of the skin. I like to keep some glow happening from the natural oils.

Results… Stunning!