To get “on fleek” brows, and to avoid at all costs “Sharpie Brows” (pictured), you have to use the right brow products and know proper technique or else it can end in a major disaster like these:

1. Brows that perform a disappearing act throughout the day
2. Bad placement ie: Not understanding where to place points A, B, and C
3. Incorrect color matching which gives a fake and harsh result And my major pet peeve…….
4. SHARPIE brows!!!
Sadly, I see this far too much on Instagram. This is a no-no!! There is nothing attractive about this no matter how you look at it. (and who would want to look at it).


Eyebrow should be soft and frame the face in a flattering, not dominating way:



What you need:

A brow pencil to match your hair color
Brow powder to match your hair color
Brow grooming scissors
Dual eyebrow brush with an angle on one end and spoolie (brow brush) on the other
Brow gel (for staying power)

To purchase products go to:



Take a look at this picture below of Megan Fox. I marked the points of where to start her brow, where the arch should be and where to end the brow.
This is called the classic eyebrow.

Once you clean up with your tweezers and scissors here’s how to fill in:

The best way to measure is to take your brow brush and hold it along side your nose and this is your point A, (you can make a mark with your brow pencil), tilt the brush at an angle with the other end over the pupil and this is where your arch will be (point B), and then tilt it even further to the end of your eye and this is where you’ll mark your point C.

Now you fill in starting with a soft square at the inner portion of brow. Next you’ll jump up to the top of the brow and draw in creating a soft arch, and carry this down to the end tapering off to a thin brow. The idea is to go from thick, medium, to skinny… classic.
Next take your brow brush and dip into brow powder and fill in over the pencil. This will help lock in the brow.
Just a tiny dab of concealer directly under the brows and blending it along the hairline will give eye lifting affect and a pop to the eyes with a gorgeous definition to the brows.
Waterproof clear brow gel is a must to keep your hard work in place all day! When in doubt in your makeup routine, always cater to your brows if nothing else. Good brows will take you far! Never underestimate the power of a nicely groomed and polished brow!