Makeup School FAQs 

This is a unique Intensive Professional Make-up Artist Course(s) for aspiring make up artists. It includes a professional certificate in both traditional and airbrush make-up.

You can choose to combine 2 courses to make up a 4 day intensive or all 3 to make up a 6 day intensive course for the optimal makeup artistry education.  

What is the benefit of training at your make up school as opposed to other makeup courses/schools around Los Angeles?

This is a unique course that condenses what you’d learn in 4-6 weeks into 4 or 6 days. Most people don’t have the time or the vast amount of money it takes to go to such a lengthy course and train in makeup artistry. You not only will learn all the basics to advanced techniques of make-up, (see list on 4 day makeup course page) but you’ll also get the benefit of learning the art of airbrushing by a working celebrity makeup artist, all for a price significantly less than make-up schools, in LA, all in the combination of 2 or 3 short courses!

What kind of makeup certificate will I receive after training at the Bosso intensive makeup school in Los Angeles? 

 You'll receive a professional makeup certificate of completion in both traditional makeup as well as airbrush! This way, you won't have to pay costly fees and enter another course to learn airbrushing. You can do it all here. The main difference between the 4 day (2 courses combined) and 6 day course(s) (3 courses combined) is in the 6 day intensive course you will learn red carpet makeup looks (Ex: Oscars/ MTV) and current Fashion Week looks happening in Paris/Milan/New York. The 2 day course can be any of the 3 courses shown, but I highly recommend for the Artist and Master course you do have some makeup experience or you may find yourself a bit lost, so The Essential Course is the course I always suggest to my novice aspiring artists that are looking just to get their feet wet.

How many students are in a class? 

A maximum of 4 students per class. This way you are ensured meticulous and thorough instruction. Most schools have 15-25 + students and this is an easy way to get lost in the shuffle.

What if I have a full-time job? Can I take the course on the weekends?

Absolutely. Most all of the courses take place Friday through Monday for the 4 day intensive (combining two courses). The 6 day intensive (combining 3 courses) usually falls on Friday through Wednesday. Or if it suits your schedule better, you can divide the course over two or three weekends. The calendar is typically set for the year, but always check-in to make sure we can accommodate your specific schedule. The 2 day course will always fall on a Friday and Saturday.

Is there a kit provided? 

Tools and products are provided for your training so you need not worry about bringing any supplies to class. You'll learn in the business and marketing class exactly how to acquire 40% discounts on top professional makeup lines and products as well as substantial discounts on kits, chairs, and airbrush products. We believe it's unfair to charge an astronomical kit fee to our students as seen by most schools. We want to give our students the proper knowledge and information, so they can actually get the best deals building their kit with the best products once graduated.

Do students get the chance to assist you after the completion of your intensive makeup course? 

Graduates have been hand chosen to assist at Paris, NY and LA Fashion Weeks. After you complete the intensive makeup training and receive your certificate, you will be considered first to assist Kimberley on set on future makeup jobs. Whether it's doing red carpet make up for celebrities with her, music videos, film, editorial, or high profile weddings, her students are the first pick since they are trained under her expertise.

I'm coming from out of state/country. Are there accommodations you recommend? 

Certainly. There are hotel accommodations in walking distance for less than 100 U.S. dollars, as well as luxury hotels that are a 2 minute cab ride away. Please inquire.

How long are the classes? 

Classes start in the morning (10am) and run approximately 6 - 7 hours each day. 

Where are the classes held? 

Classes are held in Beverly Hills close to Rodeo Drive or our 2nd studio in Santa Monica (note: address on website is for mailing only)

Are there payment plans offered? 

All credit card payments are welcome at BOSSOMAKEUP.COM. Paypal, Venmo, and mailing a check are options, but must be mailed at least two weeks before class to ensure sufficient arrival. For international students, a wire transfer between banks is typical, ($15 wire fee applies) but are always welcome to arrange other payment methods. All courses must be paid in full prior to start date.

An initial deposit of $1500 is required for the 4 day intensive (2 courses combined), to hold class date(s). An deposit of $2500 is required for the 6 day intensive (3 courses combined). The remaining balance must be paid at least three weeks prior to start date. 

How much is the total cost for the Intensive Course(s)? 

The cost for EACH 2 DAY course is $2500. There is the ESSENTIAL COURSE, the ARTIST COURSE and the MASTER COURSE. So if you combine 2 courses to make up a 4 day it's $2500 x 2 and if you're making up a 6 day, it's $2500 x 3. These courses are typically combined among aspiring makeup artists/students/ and beauty enthusiasts for the best makeup education. A one time registration fee of $295 is collected with the initial deposit. Cash, Visa, MC, American Express, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Apple Pay, and Zelle are accepted forms of payment. (please note: In the Paypal section the registration fee is not added in).

Sounds Awesome! How do I get started? 

To enroll, visit the CONTACT page, and either send Kimberley an email requesting the course dates you're interested in, or call her directly at (310) 415-4885

*** Due to Kimberley's scheduling and booking models, deposits and payments are non-refundable. No exceptions. Kimberley turns other students away to hold your spot. Exceptions may be made where course may be made up at a later date, if urgent matters occur and notice is given 48 hrs prior to your start date.